Help! Mod Plus or a High Profile?

Hey ladies! Jonnie here - I’m 5,6, 155lbs. I can’t decide between mod plus or high profile. Whenever I lose weight, my boobs are the first to go. I added my boob goals and I think I might need high profile. Did anyone else have the same struggle choosing?


also, do you tgis 400ccs  will be too much since I do have breast tissue already?

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  • I'm a bit heavier than you. But same height. And like you I also had a bit of preexisting tissue. I got 540ccs and I love them! I got Mod plus. You get the width and the upper pole along with adequate under and sideboob. I guess it depends on your bwd. Mine wouldn't have worked well with high profile besides mod just looks better on someone with my shape. So that's why I opted for mod plus. Have you talked to a surgeon already?? 

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    • Elena yours came out so good! Congrats love. I have two surgeons I’m considering. I had my consult with one but I don’t know my BWD. 

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      Jonnie Thomas thanks bunches!!! They keep changing evry day. Lol idk what my end result will be butI'm enjoying them lol best of luck!! #modplusforthewin

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  • What is your BWD? The difference in profiles is only projection. If you feel your boobs are farther apart I would do mod plus 

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  • Exciting! Congrats on getting your new additions! Your doc can probably give you the best input, as he can see your body, knows his technique and can see your wishboobs. I got mod plus but I don't think we have similar body types, here's a link to my before and afters if that helps: You will likely be super happy either way!

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  • Hi! I'm 5'9 and 135lbs. I started with a 34B and I got 400cc Moderate plus, Tall Height Mentor Memory shape Teardrop Textured implants under the muscle in February. I am now 8 months post op and measuring at a 34D now. I'm pretty much completely healed and 100% happy with my results. In my opinion, the mod+ implants provided me with that natural look that I wanted. High profile implants tend to give you that "augmented" look which wasn't what I wanted. My breast look so natural, feel natural, move naturally and feel like I've always had them. With the Teardrop shaped implants, they settle and drop very naturally and just look so beautiful in my opinion. 

    400cc was the max my PS would give me for my 1st surgery, although I wanted 450cc-500cc. Now that I've healed, I couldve easily done that but I'm more than happy with what I've got. Your Surgeon, if a good, knowledgeable one, will be able to listen to your desired results and tell you what will look best on you. Dont get hung up on the CC number...just focus on end result goals to help decide. For some 400cc is HUGE and for others like me it was perfect! Maybe even a tad too small lol. So.....hope this helped!

    Here are pics of me today at 8 months post-op  ;)

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