So disappointed... hoping for fluff

I got 475 mentor memory High profiles August 1st. The farther I get in recovery the less I like them. The swelling has gone down and if this is it Im going to be so disappointed. To top it off I'm in a 34 DDD. How is that possible. They hardly look like D's 馃槶馃挃

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  • You still have a very very long way to go in your recovery.  Mine are still changing and I am 7 months post op.  They still look very high and have a lot of settling to do.  It鈥檚 hard but try to be patient!

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  • Agreed, it just takes time! I think the waiting is worse than the recovery because I was so anxious.  I'm 5 months post op and finally feel like they are starting to look and feel like natural boobs. I was in a larger bra the first couple months too. You got this!

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  • They will change more and look fuller as they settle, but I think they already look great! 

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  • Thank you!! 馃グ馃グ馃グ 

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  • I think they look perfect! You had a good amount of tissue to start with so give it a few months and they will fill out more and look fuller. For only being just over a month out they look superb! I too wear a DDD and it just doesn鈥檛 seem possible cause to me they look small so I understand there. Patience is key even though it鈥檚 hard. 

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  • You look great! I鈥檇 kill for these boobs! Lol! 

    Give it some time to live with them. If you鈥檙e still not happy, talk to the PS about exchanging for a larger size, and if you do, I would go drastically bigger (like800) to get the size and shape you had envisioned. 

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  • What!! They are gorgeous!!

    I think many people have a distorted idea of what cup sizes look like, and they are not even the same in different band sizes. For example, 30DD boobs are the same size as 34C or 36B! I used to think D sounded really big, but now I'm 36DD and it's actually very proportioned to my body and doesn't feel big.

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  • I love them! Makes me eager to make a consultation! But I don鈥檛 want to be a DDD.... I鈥檓 worried about being too big as in others will see a big difference. I wear the Bombshell from VS so it 鈥渓ooks鈥 like I should be a D... but I don鈥檛 think so.  LOTS of padding. Suppose to look 2 cup sizes bigger. 

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    • BRooker Girl, I LIVED in a bombshell bra. There were a few times I didn鈥檛 wear it to work and my friends called me out and said,  鈥淵ou鈥檙e not wearing your big girl bra today, are you??鈥 I just died laughing!

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      Cheshiretwins  yes, that鈥檚 all I wear! Only my friends who have saw me in a bathing suit know. I can鈥檛 wait til i can wear a different bra!

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    • BRooker The one thing that has shocked me about this process is the difference between what is in my head compared to cc and bra size. I am a big lady, 5'9" and 165 lbs. I was a negative A pre-op, so I really had no clue about bras and boobs. I thought I wanted to be a D, so I'd need to have like 600cc's. I was shocked trying on 300-400cc sizers at my consultation. They looked bigger on me than I thought. I ended up going 485 and the surgeon called those big. I measured myself yesterday for fun and at 2 weeks PO I measured 34DDD!! I know that may change over time, but my reason for measuring was because I thought I look small right now like a B cup. I was also worried people were going to really notice, but so far no one has.

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  • Omg they look so natural and symmetrical and proportionate to your body! I have been looking for a doc for years who can do something like this! 

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  • Christine you look amazing! And your scars are undetectable! I'm so envious. 

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  • You look amazing girl it takes patience he still have to drop and fluff remember they're not twins they're sisters at the end of your results you will have a big smile on your face

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