Opinion on implant choice.

I had a consult this week for replacement of my implants. I had my 275cc mod profile saline implants removed 18mo. ago. I am now left with nothing. 

My PS recommended I go with Natrelle SRX in 400cc to achieve a slightly fuller look than I had previously and not too rounded up top. (I will include a pic of me with implants for reference) He will also lower my right side pocket, it was never even with the left. 

My bra band size is 34 and my bwd is 11.

My only concern is rippling up top with such a soft implant. He is going sub-muscular to help with that.  Is the Responsive gel the best choice for me or would you recommend something firmer? Thank you so much!

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  • Great question.  In a submuscular position I think you'll be fine with the responsive.  And the upper pole looks less rounded which it sounds like you like. I'll stress that no one looks good with their shoulders together bending over in the bathroom mirror!  You may see rippling when you do that.  In any normal position I think you'll be fine.  As you get more firm the gels you will get more of a round upper pole when standing braless. Good luck!

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