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I have my first consult in 2 weeks. As I am talking to more people they all said their consult was free. The doctor I am seeing is charging $150 but if I go with them then it goes towards my augmentation. Did most of you pay for a consult or was it free? Also how was your recovery? I have 3 kids, the youngest being 22 months. Am I crazy to get them with him that young?

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    One consult was $50 and the other was $400. I chose to go with the $400 doctor. 

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  • I was going to have two. My first was free, I ultimately ended up going with him. My second was $100 (went towards surgery if you scheduled). 

    It totally just depends on the doctor! 

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  • Also, recovery... I’ve learned it is 100% unique to each person. 

    I have a 7 years old and a 4 years old (she is special needs). I chose to stay out of town the first 2 days and I’m glad I did because I just slept. Then came home and both kids had to be on me. It made it hard to relax. 

    For me personally, recovery has been hard. Harder than I expected. Before my surgery I said “I’m preparing for the worst, hoping for the best”. BUT I didn’t know what I was getting into. I’m definitely not having the worst recovery (everything is going well) but it just wasn’t what I was expecting, so that’s been hard. 

  • I paid $300 for my consultation which goes towards my surgery. I was hesitant at first but decided to go since the PS was only one of two in my area that truly were specialized in tuberous breasts. I ultimately went with that PS because the knowledge, skills and strong reviews made it worth it. So I agree with everyone else. Regardless if they charge a fee or not, you have to determine what matters most to you. 

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  • I have a 3 boys and my youngest is 2.5yrs old. I had my husband stay home and do everything for a week and a half. There's no way I could've done anything without him. My PS doesn't like to do BAs unless you have a carer for at least 10days. You want your youngest to be able to get into the car and their car seat so you're not lifting them. 

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