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Hey Ladies! I only found 1 thread on here and it was from 10 months ago. I am only 1 week post op, so I know I shouldn’t be judging... HOWEVER I am nervous that I went TOO BIG. I am petite and wanted something natural but I feel like they are HUGE. I also see photos of the “drop and fluff” and I’m nervous that they are just going to get bigger. Did anyone else have this same thought? 


I originally was going to go with 290CC & 305CC ... this was after pushing it up in size “just in case” to be on the slightly larger size. After hearing about everyone regretting not going big enough (friends included) I went up even more to 330 and 345cc (different size breasts) 


my question is is how much bigger do they actually get or will this be “the size” during drop and fluff?

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  • Honestly the drop & fluff process for me didn't make my boobs feel or look bigger, they just fell into the pockets for a more natural look, and after the swelling was gone, I feel like they actually shrunk.  And they did!  I was overfilling my bras before they settled into place, not anymore.  It takes a while though, so don't panic just yet.  Take weekly photos, not just of your breasts, but of your whole torso/upper body so that you can see how proportionate they are to your body.  You will love them soon enough I'm sure!  

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      gemma starr thank you! That actually makes me feel so much better! 

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  • Same as Gemma I was swollen like for 6 weeks I eventually dropped and fluffed and they were smaller. Very natural looking.

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  • It’ll look different once they drop and sit where they’re supposed to be 

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