Is this scar tissue that built up? Is that why I have a dent? It looks pushed in from the side


Hi dr. I had a full anchor lift with an exchange of implants,I previously had 550 salines but due to drastic weightloss I decided revision after having them for 13yrs with them, I agreed to get uhp but I’d asked my ps for 550’s n before surgery I remind him absolutely no 495 cuz that’s what he wanted n I said no ,long story short I woke up to 495 SRX?

My 1st question is :is SRX the same as uhp? Cuz I didn’t ask for SRX

2nd question: I also told him I want the most cohesive gummy bear but I have SRX n I just read SRX is for responsive the softest ! I’m really upset 

3rd  question:why do I have a dent going in on the side of my breast??

4th I got a full anchor lift but doesn’t seem like I had one,and the ps says I can only get small implants ,my Pre-op is sept.7 ,is there any hope for me to get them like my wish goal “full fake and round DD’s Fuller upperpole n side boob??

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  • Whoo.  Long one!!  :)

    OK.  The "X" in the Allergan/Natrelle series is ultra high profile.

    The "R" is responsive and the Allergan/Natrelle 4th generation gel.  It is NOT highly cohesive and is not the gummy bear--"S" and "C" are.  I would circle back to your surgeon about that.  Yikes.

    The dent (only a guess) is related to plication/oversewing/hemming from inside your lateral capsule if you went down in volume.  If it's that, it will get better in a few weeks when the sutures lose their strength.  If it's not that, Imma need more photos.  😉

    4th question leaves me confused.  I thought you may be post-op now, but are you pre-op?  Full fake round, (love this by the way!), is hard to do if you have a lot of breast tissue now.  It's tricky but you can have an augmentation/reduction.  Meaning, take a moderate amount of breast off the bottom of the breast and then add a sizable implant.  It's literally a breast reduction then put in an implant.  Chances of complications like wound dehiscence/separation go up but it's the only option I know of for, as you say, full fake round in a big breast. 


    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
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