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I am almost 12 weeks post op (April 15). I got 310cc low profile Sientra round smooth silicone implants. Throughout my recovery, I have experienced various air bubbles that I can feel for a week or so and eventually go away as my implants settle. However a couple of weeks ago I noticed these two bumps on my left breast and they haven't gone away like the others (yet). They feel like a button... Is it too late to be getting these air bubbles? It is very visible when I am just standing (naked). There is no pain or hardness.

I did see my PS earlier this week and he believes it is the implant. He said he hasn't seen this before and wants to monitor it. I will go back in 6 weeks. The implants do have more settling to do, so I'm hoping the bumps will work themselves out, but I wanted to know what another surgeon's thoughts may be.

Thank you so much!

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  • Hey Kaye La   I think your pocket is a little small for your implant.  Don't despair though.  You're submuscular (or appear to be) and your pec can help you.  Try doing some planks and pushups (the opposite of what I normally recommend).  It should help the pec to push the implant out and down which will ultimately increase the pocket size.  If this doesn't work though you may need a simple in the operating room revision to enlarge the pocket. 

    As always – I would be so honored to see you at my offices in Raleigh, NC!

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      • Kaye La
      • Kaye_La
      • 10 days ago
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      Dr. Michelle Roughton Yes, sub muscular. I will give those suggestions a try. Thank you so much!

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  • Does he think your implant is bulging?  Genuinely curious.  Hopefully it’s nothing significant and it resolves quickly for you. πŸ’•

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      • Kaye La
      • Kaye_La
      • 8 days ago
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      GreyRabbit I'm not sure. They still have some dropping to do, but what Dr. Roughton says makes sense. I am hoping it will resolve without a revision.

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