12 WPO Early stages of CC?


Hi Dr. Roughton,

I am almost 12 WPO (pic from today is the solo photo) and I am slightly worried about my asymmetry in the dropping and fluffing process. I received 375 cc under the muscle, smooth, round, HP implants. I was a 32a prior to surgery, so not a lot of pre-existing breast tissue.  My right side/dominant side (also the right side in the mirror) still has the nipple facing more downwards and outwards. That breast is softening up at the same rate as the left and is not noticeably more painful. Sometimes it feels like the pectoral muscles are tighter around that breast but I am not sure if that sensation is psychosomatic in nature. 

I am wondering if I should be worried about this being the early stages of capsular contracture? (Ignore the red spots on my breasts I was massaging them before taking this picture)

Thank you so much for your professional input!

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  • Hi!  I don't think it's capsular contracture.  What I can't tell, due to the apples ;) and somewhat due to the photo with you holding the phone, is if you had some preexisting asymmetry.  I think it will improve though.  I wouldn't be worried if you were my patient at 12 weeks, the result continues to 'soften' and the implant moves down a bit.  Give yourself another 3 months before you worry!


    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
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      Dr. Michelle Roughton Great I am very relieved to hear that! Thank you so much for your input!

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