Boobs hurt while side sleeping

I am almost 2 years post-op. My boobs have finally dropped to where they touch each other when I lay on my side. They are so achy when I wake up in the morning. I have tried sleeping on my back but I always wake up on my side. Has anyone tried any of those wedges to put between your boobs when you sleep? Or any of the bras that keep them in place? I need to do something....

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  • I am getting in on this thread as well. Contemplating just learning to sleep on my back, as I also hate the chest wrinkles upon waking with them squished together all night long.

  • I am only 5 weeks post op, but I have found that putting a pair of rolled up socks between the boobs helps tremendously. The super fluffy socks are great. I now sleep with two rolled up pairs. Under the side boobs for when I sleep on my back and one pair between boobs for side sleeping. Hope that helps 

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