Haven’t gotten an answer back from my surgeon. Any idea what this is?? He thought and irritated stitch. One did make its way to the surface a week ago but i feel like it’s just getting more open. Help. Pics are out of order but there is one when it began, what it progressed to, and now. You should be able to tell which is which, but the beginning issue is closed wound, progression is opening wound, and open wound is now. 

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  • I had something very similar thing happen! Looks like you have spit a stitch as they call it . The stitch comes out and a small wound opens.  I was really freaked out at first . But things healed up after i followed my dr.s instructions.  It basically will heal from the inside out . Keep it clean and if its oozing wear a nonstick pad.  Let air  out after showering too. I hope this helps.  I'm 7 wpo now. 

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  • I also had this happen too and my PS told me I can expect this may happen - I had an anchor lift - so the opening was at where the lollipop met the crease incision. PS said wash with soap water and let air get at it. 
    I couldn’t keep gauze on it bc I wound up with an allergic reaction to it. 
    I washed the area 2-3 times a day with soap and water and it really started to dry up in about 5 days. PS also said up the protein to help the wound heal. If it got too dry I put aquaphor on it. Hope this helps. I’m currently 8 wpo now. 

  • Yes, previous commenters are correct, probably started as a stitch abscess, suture working its way to the surface.  It also looks to me like there's a deepithelialized skin flap under your incision.  I don't do my lifts like that but I'd bet you have an inferior pedicle type lift--surgeon talk for it may get a little worse before it gets better, yes it'll heal from the inside out and I don't see any evidence that your implant is exposed (which would suck). Keep clean, use ointment and a nonstick dressing like Telfa if you can find it, if not a pantiliner works pretty well if you really lube up the ointment.  Good luck!


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