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Hi Dr. Roughton,


I'm sure you've come across this question too many times, but I can't help but to ask for your opinion about a possible revision. I had my surgery about 5 weeks ago (2/21) with 304cc silicon gel Allergan natrelle moderate plus profile dual plane.

I know there is still more time for d & f to occur but I feel like the size I was expecting won't be achieved with the cc I chose. I started out as a small 34B and was hoping for a full D. I know cup size is difficult to project since every patient's body differs, but it just seems like my post-op breast isn't as full as I was hoping. The side profile especially. In order to achieve the look I'm going for (in my wish pics), would you recommend going up to 400cc? I really would like for them to look bigger while wearing no bra like the image shown with the white shirt. The last thing I'd want is to go overboard or regret not going big enough once again. 

I have a follow up appointment on April 7th (about 7 weeks post-op) so I will talk to my PS then as well. I just don't want to insult him in any way as I do like the way they currently look and am pleased with his work, it's just not the size I was expecting. During my consult, my PS expressed that if I went any bigger, it might make my body look shorter than I already am (5'2) and wider as I have a short torso. I do value his opinion as he is very talented and specializes in the natural look.

Thank you!


P.S. all of the images of myself in the collage are from today (5 weeks post-op) & I feel like I see a bit of side rippling occurring in the top right image if I'm not mistaken??

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  • The two bottom pics are two of my wish pics also! I got 405cc mod plus and things are not dropping yet. I am just about 7 weeks PO - the dr thinks he may have to do a revision if they don’t D&F and if he does I think I am going to bump to 5-550 range as 405 did not give me the size I was going for. I Am still so high my bottom pole is empty and flat like it’s sitting on a shelf. 

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  • Number one complaint of women undergoing breast augmentation is that they didn't go big enough.  This is most likely what you're experiencing and you're normal.  Give this more time, obviously as you may find you are more satisfied as drop and fluff continues.  If not then yes you may need to go larger.  If you do decide to do that I would suggest you go at least 150cc larger to see a real appreciable difference.  Good luck!


    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
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