What exercises are a no no ?

I should be cleared for all activity in about 10 days. This was my revision with a second smaller lift and larger implants. I am 5’10.  Now have 440cc mod under muscle and I am a 38f/g. 
After my first surgery with a lollipop lift the breasts started to sag after about two months once the swelling was gone. And it was clear that I still had too much tissue and needed more removed and larger implants to get the upper pole I wanted. But once cleared at 6 weeks I also started yoga again and I am wondering if I caused some of that sagging due to planks and other yoga poses. I did wear a supportive bra, and I have since bought an even more supportive bra. The SheFit bra. What exercises are ok and which should I avoid In order to keep the boobs looking their best? 


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  • My doctor said absolutely no direct pec muscles work out, such as push ups. Even with tricep pull downs, if I'm not focusing hard and activating only the triceps, my pecs get used and shifts my implants towards my arm pits. No tricep dips either.

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    • azn_sensat10n not being a fitness expert, what does that mean for planks and downward facing dog etc? 

    • Boobtacular 

      planks should be fine. not too sure about downward facing dog...give it a try and see if it's comfortable to you. if not then i recommend waiting a few more weeks before doing it again?

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    • azn_sensat10n I wonder about planks because they are just holding a push up. You’d think there would be clear guidelines on this right? Like do this, not that info. Can you do a video on that Jenny Eden ? Pretty please? 😊 Not about exercises as you recover, but like β€œdon’t ever do these after under muscle implants β€œ info. 

    • Boobtacular Push up is a compound movement. As you go down into a push up, you are engaging pec muscles directly.

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    • Jenny Eden thank you 

  • Hey ladies!  I know you think it could be your fault but it almost certainly isn't.  Avoid chest specific exercises for 6 weeks -- pushups, pull ups, down dog, planks... and then live life.  Women who avoid all chest workouts still end up needing revisions.  No data to tell you otherwise.  

    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
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