Worried the implant selection is too narrow for my BWD?


Hi Michelle,

Happy Thursday! I hope this finds you safe and well! :-)

OK so first up, here are my stats:

  • Age 38
  • 5ft 7
  • 132lbs
  • Current size: Deflated 32D (went up to a 32F when breastfeeding)
  • BWD: 12.5cm (L) and 13.1cm (R)
  • Intending to go over the muscle - mainly because I am into my fitness and I want to avoid interrupting the muscle. Apparently I have 3cm pinch on top and 2cm pinch in the middle (which my surgeon said was borderline for going over the muscle).

OK so I had my second consult yesterday and during the session I solely wanted to pin down the implant size. FYI my surgeon uses Motiva and I am looking at the round implant. Following lots of trying sizers (by sizers, I mean putting an actual implant on top of my boob under a crop top), we settled on:

  • Motiva round
  • High profile
  • Left boob: 400cc (12cm width)
  • Right boob: 375cc (11.75cm width)

I have some asymmetry, the right boob is bigger, so the surgeon wants to address this. Having tried them under clothes, I was happy with the effect, but having come away, the numbers are playing on my mind! I really want to avoid a wide gap between breasts and I can't help but think that the 11.75cm in the 13.1cm breast is too narrow? We ended up moving to high profile because the 12cm moderate profile was only 360cc which we didn't feel was enough and the surgeon is reluctant to place anything wider than 12cm in me. He thinks it could be problematic.


What are your thoughts on this implant suggestion? I completely trust my surgeon but I would really appreciate your thoughts as its playing on my mind. I've attached a current picture, a wish pic and the motiva chart in case this is helpful. 


Many many thanks in advance! :-)

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  • Hi! mind if i ask if you're from europe? I've noticed european doctors (uk, belgium, holland) have a tendency to keep within a cm of the bwd. 


    I understand your worries though, my first consult i was recommended the mentor xtra moderate plus (240cc) which has a width of 10,8 where as my boobs are 13,7 and 14. Next consult I said I wanted bigger and he went with the 270 or 295 which are 11,4 of 11.5. Couldn't shake the feeling that I would be getting tennisballs in a sock. 


    finally i decided to go with a total different surgeon, who is known for modest so don't expect big implants, but he wants to fill out my breasts, so nice cleavage and side boob. we decided on 380 anatomical, 13cm width.  i have no worries left :-)


    hope this helps a bit 

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    • Streekvervoer12 Hey! So great to hear from you on this, I really appreciate it. You're right, a different surgeon could be an option, but the guy I have chosen is apparently the best in the country and so I want to have faith that he knows what hes doing. ;-) Haha! So Im actually from the UK, but am currently living in NZ. I get the impression my surgeon does go on the cautious side, but I have already talked him round from a moderate 300/320, to a full profile 375/400 so perhaps I am now in the right place. Its just such a big decision hey - I can't instantly swap them if they're not right. I'll be sure to post my progress and thank you so much - good luck with your surgery! Have you got a date? x

    • Thewannabekiwi Ha, the doc says go! 

      when you have the best in the country don't go any further! might be someone who's site i've explored because 'down under' they use the teardrop or gummybear more. 


      It is a big decision, that is probably why we keep on doubting, is it big enough, is the profile right etc. etc. 


      I'm on the 8th of june, thanks for asking! I will be following you and your progress! 

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    • Streekvervoer12 I wasn't expecting that answer either, but its definitely helped to put my mind at rest! ;-) And ooh 8th June isn't far off - VERY exciting for you. Looking forward to the updates! I hope it all goes super well - your implant selection sounds bang on now! :-) 

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  • This will be JUST PERFECT.  Width or base diameter is a guide.  Don't worry too much.


    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
    (Bustmob members get a $500 travel voucher ๐Ÿ™‚)

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    • Dr. Michelle Roughton This is GREAT news. And breathe. Haha! Thank you so much for coming back to me Michelle. I really appreciate it. Surgery now booked for 30th June. Eeek! 

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