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Hi everyone. I’ve taken some time waiting, but from the beginning, I haven’t felt comfortable about my BA. I had 340 cc Natrelle UHP submuscular implants. I’m currently just over 3 months post op. I basically am not trusting my original plastic surgeon who did my procedure, because he thinks I’m fine. I have since seen another dr, and had 2 consults with him. Thinking of having a 3rd to be sure! Or maybe he will think I’m crazy for wanted a 3rd. But he plans to basically give me moderate profile, 235 SRM or SRLP Natrelle implant exchange, and suture the capsules down to correct the issues I’m having:

-Lateral displacement of my left breast 

-Because I don’t like UHP - doesn’t look natural or feel natural to me

-the way my breasts look when I raise my arms above my head 

He said he can’t correct the muscular distortion 

He also said my nipple sensation may return with the smaller implant for my right breast 

I also just noticed I can feel rippling inside at the cleavage area of my left breast. He doesn’t know about it yet.  

Wondering I have the suturing down if my breasts will move and feel natural. 

And I’m wondering if these complications will be fully resolved or if I will still be unhappy? 

Will I regret not trying for a revision if I just explant? Because I’m so close to just doing that because I’ve had such a bad experience. And I’ve joined a breast implant removal group on Facebook and all the women say how free they feel and better without them. 

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  • I’m so sorry you are going through this. I know the stuff I have read says that it take 9 months for the implants to fully drop into the right place. Do you think massage and maybe a strap would help them get into place? It seems that you still have six months that it could happen? Praying for you whatever you decide to do moving forward. Sending a hug. 

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      • Juliane
      • Juliane
      • 4 mths ago
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      Thank you! I don’t think these are issues that will resolve with time, but only get worse. 

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      • B. Kind
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      • Brenna_KristinLiesma_Ki
      • 2 mths ago
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      Juliane exactly. with the way your nipples are pointing alone.... you poor thing. Great choice finding another surgeon. Even if free I'd be so afraid to see him. He sees nothing wrong?! No way. 

      If you can afford to, you should try the revision. At least then you can say you tried and you would be happy getting what you actually wanted. Many women explant for other reasons,  while you just want your breasts done right. You can always explant later if need be. 

      Good luck honey!!!! Xo

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  • I developed TOS after my

    augmentation and had mine removed.  I’m  5 months post explant.  Things aren’t as nice as they were pre-op but I don’t miss the implants.


    No shame in not liking them or being done with the whole surgical scenario.  Surgery is incredibly stressful.  And they’re  just implants.  If you miss them you can always get a new set a few years down the road.

    I Love my natural body way more now than I ever did before implants.  Which is a shame because I could have saved myself a lot of trouble, pain, and $$.  

    And my heart goes out to you.  As someone who has also suffered because of these things I feel awful for you.  It really stinks.  Best of luck to you.   💕

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      • Juliane
      • Juliane
      • 4 mths ago
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      GreyRabbit thanks. I had to look op TOS and it sounds scary- I’m sure at first you may have thought something else was wrong! 

      I really like what you said about loving your body more now than ever. I want to feel that way! 


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    • GreyRabbit thank you for sharing. I’m 7 months post op and bottoming out. I’m thinking of just explaining and saving myself the future cost and worry of all of this 

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  • The muscular distortion is fixable with the split muscle technique. The nipple on the left breast looks like it would be well served to be moved to a more central location. But if it is the size you dont like just make sure you go with what fits your bwd and then just choose what profile from there, maybe a mod profile? Definitely dont go back to the first guy if he doesnt know how to fix these things. 

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  • Do you mind if I ask what the explant group is.  My explant adhesions are driving me nuts and with the thoracic outlet syndrome the typical fixes are a no-go due to debilitating pain.  Hoping maybe someone who has had TOS has some ideas.   😬

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  • I’m so sorry for your frustration and disappointment. Did you post under ask the surgeon here? Dr. R is great and answers promptly. I too had an issue and just had a revision a week ago. My surgeon did it for free. I had displacement and a double bubble on both sides. He did a capsularrhaphy - fixed the pockets of the breast implants and the breast fold. Hoping all works out. If not I will need a lift - BL. 

    Wishing you the best of luck. I know how you feel. I was in tears. But my surgeon acknowledged the issue and was proactive and supportive in fixing as well as options. Go with someone you trust and whose options feel right to you and your body - and pocketbook. 😉

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  • Hello! I’m having a similar experience and going in for a revision with a different doctor on October 1st. I’m moving from sub-muscular to sub-glandular to help with the muscle distortion and lateral displacement of both sides. I’ve had these implants for just under two years and I HATE them. Looking forward to finally having breasts I’m comfortable in. 

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