Any and All Post Surgery Advice! :)

I had surgery this morning! I was in a lot of pain until I got pain meds in me but I've had energy I haven't even taken a nap so all in all doing pretty great! I'd like to hear all of your best post surgery advice!

My main concern is preventing them from ever sagging. Is there things I can pay special attention to while healing to prevent this from happening in the future?

Also interested in how to prevent capsular contractions, I've heard taking Montelukast prophylactically can prevent this, anyone ever heard that!?


I'm so pleased with the results os far! :)

I am 5'1, 128lbs and I went with 400cc Silicone in both.

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  • I’m not sure there is anything you can do to prevent sagging or capsular contracture.  Wearing a really supportive bra will help slow it down I suppose.  My real boobs didn’t sag until I had kids and nursed them and I was a B cup so some things are nature.  

    You would need a script from your doc for Singulair and I don’t think they usually put people on it long term to prevent CC.  So just keep your friends crossed I guess😬

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