Mod+ 330 vs. HP 365

Doc said both fit my BWD. I'm 5'3ish, athletic, 130-135 lbs. Doc said both will look great on me, ultimately it's personal preference...

Mod+ 330: Volume looks good. Width makes me look top-heavy & matronly. Doc said if I go any higher in volume/cc then I'd have to go HP...

HP 365: Volume is very comparable to mod+ 330. Scared there will be too much upper pole fullness though. The look with the HP 365 sizers is how I look with a push up bra.

My wish photos consist of 50/50 mod & HP so clearly I like both looks. I'm just trying to think long term such as, will HP look good on me when I'm in my 50's

I understand that whatever size I go with, will end up looking slightly smaller as I am going under the muscle. 

I'm scared that if I go with mod 330 I will regret not getting HP as part of me likes the slightly full/round look. That said, I want something that I will enjoy long term - who knows if I will still like an augmented look when I'm older...

If anyone could share photos of their HP that would be amazing!! Thanks so much!!

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  • I have some pics in my profile somewhere if you look for them.  I have 325/350 HP. I think that my breasts have a nice perky look (a lot of that is from the lift though) but I don't think I have a fake/augmented look, personally. The HP just fit a bit more volume into my narrow BWD.

    •  MARIA Naturally I have decent upper pole fullness. I fill out certain 34 B cups...think HP will be too much upper pole fullness? 

      • MARIA
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      • 7 mths ago
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      azn_sensat10n I didn't have the upper pole fullness, but I ended up with a natural slope with the HP because they are under the muscle and my pecs are pretty strong and really pushed them down. ;-)

  • The profile you get doesn't really determine if they look augmented or not. Mine are HP and they dont have a mega fake look because the implants all slouch when they are in your body to create a bit of a slope so I wouldnt worry too much about it 馃

    I went HP to get more CCs in.

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    • Sarah That's why I want HP, so I can fit 365 instead of the 330 mod+

  • Profile alone doesn't determine how augmented you will look. Since I'm narrow to get higher cc's, my PS chose a UHP implant. I'm 2 years PO and I don't think mine look super fake at all. Mine are 375 cc's. 

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    • Lika You look great!! Thanks for the reassurance! I'm 85% leaning towards the 365 HP mainly so I can squeeze in extra cc, compared to the 330 mod+. Plus, the mod+ makes me look top-heavy due to the width.

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      • Lika
      • 7 mths ago
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      azn_sensat10n azn_sensat10n Thanks! In a mod+, I would have had to go a lot smaller, so the UHP's worked well for me. Plus, I like the projection on mine. I think you'll be happy with 365 cc's. 

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