Mom of 7 , grandma of 3.... considering implants :)



I'm a mother to 7 kids ages 29, 27, 25, 23, 20, 18, 16 and three grandbabies ages 3, 1.5 and one week old. <3  I recently lost more weight and my poor breastfeeders x7 now have lost their fullness and are down to mushy C's. I'm an RN so I'm doing the research regarding how my body (which is sensitive to too many things like latex, adhesives, IV catheters etc) might respond to foreign objects implanted. I also have great nipple orgasms and I wanted to know how implants with or without a lift, would affect sensitivity. Any advice would be appreciated. :)

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  • Welcome! And may I just say you don’t look old enough to have kiddos those ages! Like fine wine...

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      MammaBear3 100% agree! Wowza! I hope I hold up this well!

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  • First of all- you look about 30! I just had a revision 3 weeks ago- my first BA three years unfortunately made me lose sensation from my nipples down (and a host of other issues). I am in the rare minority but it does happen. I still find the satisfaction of implants to outweigh the sensation loss, but i definitey miss it. Its great you are weighing and considering all the risk and benefits. Good luck!

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  • I am also a nipple stim orgasm person.  Fear of losing sensation in my nipples was my biggest concern going into my BA.  I did a ton of research and talked to my doc about it twice.  Basically nipple sensation comes from Thorasic nerves II - IV.  These come along the sides of your body, across your chest wall under your armpits, then go to the nipples.  These nerves are tiny and cannot be seen.  Thus there is a small possibility of cutting them when they make the incision to place the implants.  And if they do cut them, then they are gone forever.  They are only cut a very small portion of the time, but when it happens, it's unavoidable.  It's a dice roll / gamble.  Many women have some level of temporary nipple sensation change from the muscles being nicked and/or more likely STRETCHED but they will return basically to like normal over time. 


    I was elated to be able to determine immediately post op that I did not lose sensation.  The sensation I have now is different and not as "good" as I had pre-op but I am pretty sure it will return to normal over time based on the research I have done and just in general that they are going from being "Uh, that's a feeling but not a good one" to "Yeah, I kind of like that" over time. 

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  • Hi mom to five and I’m 3.3 weeks post op. No lift but I didn’t lose any nipple sensation and in fact they are even easier to orgasm with ;) I say go for it girl you deserve it!

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  • I feel you on wondering about changes in nipple sensation.

    I did experience nipple sensation changes post operation.

    Before impants, I had very sensitive and responsive nipples and nipple sensation that played a huge part in my sexual expereince. It was a huge concern for me and was almost the reason I did not go through with the procedure.

    After the implants, one of my nipples maintained its normal level of sensitivity. My other nipple was numb and would only become partially erect. Now 11 weeks post operation, my numb nipple has regained sensitivity and becomes 95% erect and has actually become HYPER sensitive. Which, maybe, at first thought sounds good but in reality it means that direct stimulation to that nipple can go beyond pleasure and become painful pretty quickly. 

    On the bright side, I feel like the sensitivty in that nipple is normalizing because ive noticed pain levels go down as time passes.

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  • You look 29!! Mindblown! 

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