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Im 7 wpo and noticed yesterday that when i flex my pec muscles it moves my implant up and towards my armpits. Looks awful, especially around the cleavage area. Im back to working out, but am no longer doing direct chest workouts. My question is, is animation deformity normal? Or is it an issue that will need to be fixed? Will it cause bigger issues down the road? I dont see my PS for 5 more weeks. 

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  • Totally normal! It’s just more noticeable now with implants vs without. When you relax your muscles it should go away. 

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  • Agreed, totally normal.  I'm 5 months post op and mine still shifts if I flex my chest muscles. I cut all chest exercises personally just because I dont like the way it feels! I have read a few posts saying that over time,  heavy chest exercises can distort the implant more towards the armpit but they where lifting very heavy and some said they could tell it was starting to happen so they stopped and that helped. 

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  • Thanks girls! I feel a lot better now, was kinda freaking out lol!

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