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Hello all,

I’m in my 40’s and have two young children.  I breastfed for over three years.  My breasts look ‘ok’ but I’ve always wanted them bigger.  When I was pregnant, they, as they commonly do with pregnancy, got significantly bigger only to go back to a B cup when I was done breastfeeding.  I’m most interested in participating in the Motiva study (ergonomix).  My biggest concerns are:

—Will I get an infection?

—Will I have an autoimmune reaction or be confronted with lots of general, long term inflammation (I have a history of allergies and well controlled asthma)?

—Will I get capsular contracture?

—Will my implant weaken with a mammogram and increase risk of rupture?

—Will I always feel like something “foreign” is in me and regret getting them done?

—What will they feel like to me and to my husband once the healing process is complete?

—IF something happens to me, this will have a huge/negative impact on my children (my worst fear).

So, that’s what’s in my head in terms of fears.

My wish/desire is to get about 500-600 bilateral implants, with zero complications, heal well, and love the result without major regrets.  One day I’ll wake up and just nearly pick up the phone for a consult. The next day, after reading on the internet about BII and reviewing the literature, I will decide not to call.

I’d like to post some neck down photos of me.  I am new to this site and will review the terms of service before doing so.  I’d really love to get some feedback from everyone.  Thank you everyone for sharing your stories.  I hope to come across some posts which are similar to my own so I can learn more about this process.

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  • So here are my photos.  5’4.5’’, 155 lbs, two kids, breastfed X 3+ years.  I’m currently a B cup, 38 or so band.  Never had a consult, so I don’t know my bwd.  I’d like a full, natural look, so I was thinking 500-600 cc, more likely 500 cc.  I’ve also attached photos of rice sizers with these amounts.

  • Hi welcome!! So with breast augmentations there is a lot of info to soak in! Have you had a consultation first? If not, when you do, you will learn your BWD (breast width diameter) that will determine what size of implant can best fit your size. Always keep in mind your natural anatomy will only be enhanced with a breast augmentation, there are things you can do to help such as choosing the right profile for you, but ultimately you cannot change anatomy. There are many different profiles with saline and silicone implants, you will also learn this and their differences over time. 


    With a BAs contracture and infection are always a possibility, they cannot be sure you won’t get one or both, as each patients body responds differently. I have an auto immune disorder and my PCP and rheumatologist cleared me for implants and both said there is no correlation to any complications with my disease and implants. I recovered with zero complications.


    Depending on the implant you get, only silicone requires mammograms, saline does not. With new technology today, I’m sure if you needed one it would be okay, however, ask your PS this question. 


    I am over a year post op, and mine did not feel foreign to be after 4-5 months. I honesty forget they are there now. I do all my normal activities.


    The feel of them will also depend on the type, size of your implant, and what breast tissue you start with, not all implants feel the same in people. I started with very little breast tissue and received 320cc overfilled to 340cc high profile under the muscle saline implants, and mine feel pretty soft. They are slightly more firm than real boobs as they are not real, but they do not feel like rocks. They have bounce and jiggle to them, overall I could not be happier with mine. 


    Bring all these questions to the surgeon you choose, and express your wants and goals. A consultation does not mean you have to follow through with a surgery, so if you decide to set one, it could help you decide. 


    Below are my recovery photos, from before, to a year post op. 

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  • Top left: before 

    Bottom left: one month PO

    Top right: 3 months PO

    Middle right: 6 months PO

    Bottom right: 1 year PO

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    • Haley Danielle Thank you for your thoughtful reply.  The difference between the initial months and 1ypo is remarkable.  Your result is perfect.  Thank you for answering some of my questions.  I have not yet had a consult.  The only way I’ve come to the cc amount is by reviewing before and afters + rice sizers at home to get a feel of what I should go for.

      I just texted my husband today and told him I’m interested in getting this done.  I’m thinking next year sometime as I’d like to get into better shape first.  I need to loose 20-30 lbs regardless.  There’s really good surgeons in my area and I have one in particular I’d go see for a consult.  I might do that this fall/winter and book for late spring next year.

      I also appreciate you sharing your history with autoimmune illness.  That is the fear these days, so such a helpful post.  I’m glad to hear that you’ve not suffered exacerbations since your surgery.

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