Weight loss before 1/2 BA

Hey there Dr. Michelle Roughton , wanted to get your thoughts on losing weight before my next BA. To make a long, told humorously, but really sad story short, I had a BA on May 21st, on June 10 I saw my PS with concerns of swelling and some minor drainage, by June 14 Lefty was removed due to MRSA and pseudomonas infections. I have my revision scheduled for January. I want to get back to the gym, start working out (would love to say again, but.....) for my own sanity. My concern is that if I happened to lose weight along the way it may change the way my chest looks and could cause some kind of problem or less than desired result when it comes time to get my left boob back.

Not sure if that even makes sense, but i just kind of feel like i should try to keep my body looking as it looks today to try and get the most matchy outcome in January.  Would love to get your thoughts 

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  • You're fine!  Great questions.  And I admire your humor.  Losing an implant can feel like a death and many grieve for some time over it.  

    Go to the gym.  Your breasts won't change that much.  Getting your body physically ready is important for recovery...not to mention your mind will feel better with the endorphins.  


    As always – I would be so honored to see you at my offices in Raleigh, NC!

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  • Thank you, I've been worried!!! It has been very much like a death, but humor is the only way i know how to handle those emotions. The deeper the pain, the more inappropriate the humor. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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