Different feeling boobs!

Hey ladies,

I鈥檓 two and half weeks out from a lift with augmentation. I got saline under the muscle, 285 on one side and 365 on the other cause of pretty obvious asymmetry. My boobs feel completely different from one another. Is that normal? My 285 one feels softer and my 365 one feels way harder and I can feel the implant a lot more. Wondering if maybe one has dropped and not the other. Or maybe he just overfilled one and not the other 馃槱馃槄 I know they鈥檒l keep changing and that it鈥檚 a process, but I鈥檓 just surprised that they feel like two completely different boobs! 

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  • I鈥檇 guess it鈥檚 just because the implant is larger and you probably still have more swelling on the side with the larger implant. I have the same think. A smaller implant in a larger breast so the implant to existing breast tissue ratio is waaaay smaller resulting in a much natural feeling breast. A larger implant in a smaller breast is going to feel like... well, mostly an implant. Lol. 

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  • ^wss.

     The 285 is in the boob with more natural tissue so you feel more boob than implant.  In the 365 you鈥檙e feeling more implant.  The 365 has less padding than the 285 side.    And implants are firmer than natural tissue.  

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  • Thank you ladies for responding! I鈥檓 wondering if with fluff and drop it鈥檒l change much or if I鈥檒l have to get a revision to fill up the 285 one a little more to match 馃槄

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