I'm 4 weeks out and my doctor gave me the go-ahead to sleep normally (not sleep sitting up to where I can sleep laying down and on my sides) but I notice, for the past 2 nights, I'm uncomfortable and sometimes it even gives me a dull pain while trying to sleep. Is this normal? Will it go away? Should I go back to sleeping sitting up?


Also, at one point, I reached over my head and felt a very sharp pain in my right breast for a moment that took my breathe away (I had a lollipop lift on that side with internal sutures still inside). I only felt a little uncomfortable after but no pain after. Should I be worried that I popped sutures?


And, my last question is that my doctor also told me that I should be wearing a more supportive bra so I went out and got one. My right breast doesn't like it. I'm not sure if this is due to the bra or due to what I mentioned above about the sharp pain/sutures, though because the only part that bothers me (its more of a dull, uncomfortable sensation) is the area toward the bottom of the lollipop lift. Should I be worried?


Sorry for so many questions!


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  • Re: sleep.  You're ok.  Normal to get into different positions at nighttime that can cause pain.  Don't worry, it'll get better and don't go back to the chair.  You're not hurting anything.

    Re: lifting.  Hard to know for sure, guessing your implants are submuscular (just the most common way to do it) and it could just have been your pectoralis screeching at you that it was stiff.  If it looks and feels OK now, unlikely to be anything to worry about.

    Re: Bra. I would find a different one that perhaps is larger at the band width.  Just try and see.  You want something that supports the weight of the implant as the breast is healing but not something so tight it's constrictive. 

    Best of luck !!

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      • Kitty
      • Kitty13
      • 9 days ago
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      Dr. Michelle Roughton Thank you! 

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    • Frenchy6
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    • Frenchy6
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    I’m also 4 weeks po and I’m having the same issue. I was so stoked to sleep however I wanted and I’m still struggling. The side sleeping I’ve noticed is no where near comfortable yet. 

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    • Alicia
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    • Alicia
    • 8 days ago
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    I found that putting a soft pillow under my breasts when trying to sleep on my side and stomach early on. It was a little uncomfortable for a little but I still managed to sleep better than propped up on my back. By 3mpo I could sleep on my side and stomach comfortably and I attribute it to working on those sleeping positions early on. Some women were never able to go back to their normal sleeping habits because they didn't transition early enough. Their implants continue to feel like foreign objects to them. Now, I sleep however I like without any discomfort.

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