4 MPO one breast sitting higher


Iโ€™m 4 mpo have been doing my massages but noticed my left side is still sitting high. I still sometimes feel tightness on both breast and soreness especially when I massage. Will my breast eventually even out and have an even drop. My PS tells me everything is fine and continue massages he says no CC is present but the past week in a half I have had discomfort and sharp sudden pains that go away after a gently massage my breast.  Is this normal. One breast seems to be lower. 

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  • Hey Bren,  you hair disguises this perfectly!  :)  I had a hard time seeing it until I saw the bra pic.  Couple of q's for you:  did you have any preexisting asymmetry?  Was your left breast higher (or smaller) before implants?  Did your surgeon use two different size implants to make up for asymmetry?  If the answer to these is no, then yes it may come down still.  Or it may not.  I have had to take back a patient before to lower that pocket.  Rare but happens.  Keep massaging it down and stay in touch with your surgeon.  Best of luck to you.  You do look great even with the asymmetry.

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  • did your boobs even out.  Im having the same issue 

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