Incision problem?


The first photo is my “normal” incision. The last 2 are of my incision under the other breast. It’s like the skin was pinched to close the incision and it’s sort of stayed pinched? Will this correct itself or should I be concerned? Thank you!

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  • I have the same thing going on, was told it’s from tighter stitches and should resolve on its own. 

    • Jillianbarry2 ok that makes me hopeful. Thank you!

    • Jillianbarry2 get Siligen. It is a scar flattening/removal/ scar lightening gel. Its amazing! I've used it on both my boob jobs and you couldnt even feel my scars which is saying a LOT since I have deep, thick scaring. 

  • Yes I think it will resolve.  It's likely from the needle catching the back side of the skin further north than the incision.  So it's creating a gather.  The suture is almost certainly absorbable and when it loses its strength, it'll relax.  OK to start some gentle massage over it and it'll speed up the process.  Good luck!


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