Recent revision due to CC in my left breast. 7 weeks post op, left breast feels like no support and sitting very low.


THE FIRST PHOTO is PREOP after the first surgery 6 months., I was much thinner then too, probably about 105lbs.

I post a question a few months ago, asking about going a tad larger during revision.  I was afraid they would be to big for me.  I am 5’2 112lbs.  I had Ideal 335, with R at 340 and L at 360.  The left ended up having CC after 1 year.  Original surgery was October 17, 2018.  My revision was in August 4 and recommended by same surgeon to go larger to have more upper pole fullness.  I ended up going with Ideal saline implants at 370 with L at 390 and R at 380. I asked my surgeon to fill them the same because before they were so different in size.  He recommend to take the left breast a tad more due to removal of breast tissue..  I have lived in the recommended knockout victoria secret bra for the last 7 weeks.  I have been so careful.  But When i had my drain tubes in I felt a severe burning almost tearing feeling in the lower left underneath, where the incision was.  Ever since then I feel like there is just no support in the left breast and it sits sooo low.  If I take off my bra to change into another one I find myself holding it up to support it because it doesn’t feel right.  Is this normal.  My surgeon said just live in the bra and check back in at 2 month, which is coming up soon.  I feel so ugly when I look at myself and I feel like i have two balls covered in skin in my upper stomach instead of my chest.  Do I look normal or has something no gone right?  I am 53.  I have one child and nurses her for 2 years.  I always had small breast 32B and they were always perky.  I’m now in a 32C and definitely not perky.  Please advise.

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  • So I'm having a hard time opening the movie.  They look like overs?  I think they've just settled vs bottoming out but can't be sure.  You may have had natural preexisting asymmetry with a lower left breast.  I would suggest for a higher look to consider unders with a lift.  

    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
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