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1st photo is before, 2nd is 1 year po first augmentation,& 3rd photo is 1 month post revision 
I had a revision done to correct mild cc, symmastia & open the pockets more on both sides. I had stressed the importance of correcting the fact that they are 2 different shapes but still one month post revision, they’re two different shapes ... am I being unrealistic? My nipples weren’t this asymmetrical before implants. I feel like I had a great starting point so I don’t know why they are different shapes... I am disappointed. I mean obviously they look better than before, but the results aren’t what I was going for. Do you think he could have done something different? I feel like I was robbed of my $ and time. What should I do? 

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  • Is there anything I can do to help change the shape of them such as a bra on one side or different displacement exercises? 

  • I see the different shape and nipple position in your most current picture. It is hard to say if something could have been done differently. Once CC is in the mix it is not straightforward, but that does not mean that you cannot have the results you want. 

    My advice, and I know it is easier said than done, is to give it more time. You are still early in the process and there will be changes to both sides. I do not think intentionally doing things on one side like a bra or exercises is worthwhile because it would be hard to predict what would happen. 

    I am sorry this has not gone the way you expected. Give it more time, and then either shape/symmetry will improve, or then another revision can be considered. Hang in there! 


    I would be honored to see you at my office in St. Louis, MO!
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      Dr. Rafi Fredman that makes sense. I know I need to give it more time. I’m just impatient.. thank you so much for your response! 

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