Sore/Tight Muscles

Anyone have more pain in the complimentary muscles than in the chest/arms? I almost screamed last night when I woke up with what felt like every single muscle in my back squeezed tighter than all get out! And my traps are usually pretty tough, but they feel so tight and hard that it feels like I have a shoulder brace on! I'm not one to take any kind of medicine for sore muscles (from running/weight lifting), so it isn't intolerable, but I'd rather just my chest muscles be sore than every other muscle in my upper body! Thankfully, I think last night was the worst of it, my range of motion in my chest is already improving! Any end in sight for the tight back muscles??

P.S. I'm 3 DPO!

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  • Yes! I have this too. My back muscles are so sore. I have my husband massage my back and I also have him massage me with magnesium lotion to help with the muscle pain. 

    Im also 3 DPO

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  • I'm 3 DPO too, and YES! The muscle soreness is so real. All over. Today was the first day I felt it in my arms and shoulders/neck. At first I thought it might have been from sleeping at a 45Β° angle (or more), but it's definitely not. I think we use these other muscles to compensate for our chest muscles that are out of commission right now. Crazy how its affecting all the other surrounding muscles! Thankfully I think the worst is over- I've heard Days 2 & 3 are the worst! Good luck lady!!

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      Chantelle Marie I’m glad you heard Day 2 & day 3 are the worst! Here it is 1:20 am and I can’t sleep. Seems like anytime I accidentally utilize my pecks my boobs get really tight... does anyone else’s do that? 

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