Post-op timeline question?

Could any of you ladies share your experience immediately post-op? 

Im 2 dpo, and I鈥檇 like to not be questioning this severe muscle tightness for next week or two. Is this normal? I鈥檓 still taking pain meds and it feels like my chest is two knots of twisted muscle! One side worse than the other. Could anyone give me a rough ball park idea about when this might let up?

Thanks so much in advance!

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  • I rmbr feeling the tightness for a couple of weeks...then i would feel it off and on for a month or so when ever I used my chest muscles. I found that putting on a tight, zip front sports bra helped with the pressure (I鈥檓 2 years post op 馃槉

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  • Yes at least a few weeks.   Ice packs help a lot.  It was 6 weeks before I felt like they were a part of my body.  

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  • I felt the tightness for about the first month. I got a few tight (not super tight just snug) supportive sports bras from Target that had two small straps so I could wear them under any top. It really helped! I still wear one when I sleep. I also asked my PS for 800 motrin and that helped enough to not need pain pills. 

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  • Totally normal. Just keep up on the meds the first week. 

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  • Thank you馃槝 I noticed yesterday the tightness gets worse after standing or walking around (took a short stroll around the block last night). 

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  • I was very uncomfortable for about two weeks. I did go back to work on the early side so that didn鈥檛 help. I鈥檓 19 days post op now and I feel like I finally rounded the hump a couple days ago. I still get some random twangs of pain. And the nipple sensitivity and nerve pain is now the issue. If your doc didn鈥檛 give you a muscle relaxer I suggest asking for one. That saved me that first week

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  •  The tightness is to be expected. I suggest getting off the heavy duty narcotic meds and get on some extra strength Tylenol so you don't mess up your system completely. Ice is a great idea

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  • Tightness is definitely normal, and will last for sometime yet. I鈥檓 just over 7wpo and am dealing with not having strength in my chest - not that I鈥檓 trying to work out or anything, but I鈥檓 finding it difficult to do some simple tasks, which can be annoying. I couldn鈥檛 open my hydro flask the other day and had to have the hubby help me. Hoping to regain the strength back soon. 

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  • All of the above but also make sure you are moving your arms and massaging per your doctor.  I did lots of arm rotations and gentle stretching (per his guidance and with a lift incisions healing too) and I really feel like this helped with the tightness and spasms.  It hurts to massage but i can't stress enough how helpful it was, I just had to be careful of my incisions.

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