Not even 24 hours post op, but everything so far has gone well! I just can鈥檛 wait for the tightness to go away. Especially after sleeping!! Trying to walk a much as I can.. as well as nap馃槅 any other August 6th ladies here?馃槉

photo was taken a few hours post op.

525 on one, 560 on the other 

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  • They look great! I felt the same way.. After the first three days, it鈥檚 a breeze! 馃槑

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    • Cheyenne 

      yay!! That鈥檚 really good to hear because it鈥檚 pretyy uncomfortable.

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  • How鈥檚 the tightness I鈥檓 first day , surgery was early this Evening one boob is swelled more than the other and feels

    tighter hope it eases x 

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    • Victoria Walsh I鈥檓 still feeling pretty tight. ESPECIALLY after waking up or sitting for a little bit. I hope it gets better in a few days. 

      I hope you feel better soon!

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  • I also had my ba on 8/6 and I鈥檓 so uncomfortable and on the verge of tears. Does this get better? I can鈥檛 sleep at night bc my back hurts so much. I am constantly feeling nauseated all day. Idk what to do except pray it gets better. Any advice? I also bloated beyond belief and am taking stool softener 馃様

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    • Seliz Adrianna 

      I was in the same boat yesterday! I broke down crying because of pain, feeling better today just so tight still. I鈥檓 also extremely bloated still so you鈥檙e not alone! It will get better we just need to be patient, but that鈥檚 hard馃槱

      your girls look good though!!! Hang in there

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    • Ashley marie I really appreciate you reaching out! Today I went to see my doctor and he told me my pain is from me tensing up at night worried I might hurt my implants. And he鈥檚 right I鈥檓 so worried that I may hurt boobs or cause them to shift. He said I can definitely lay on my side at night and just try to relax. He prescribed me muscle relaxer and an anti nausea medicine as well. Hoping tonight is better. Although today I haven鈥檛 taken any pain meds which is good. I hope this helps girlie. Let鈥檚 both try to relax and know we can鈥檛 harm them unless we do something crazy like lift something heavy! 

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    • Seliz Adrianna 

      oh that鈥檚 actually great to read because the other morning I woke up & could tell I was clenching my right side & felt that pain all day. I鈥檓 glad he prescribed you stuff to help, The muscle relaxer will help a lot! This will al be worth it when they鈥檙e settled & we鈥檙e 100% comfortable!馃槉

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    • Ashley marie yes girlie that鈥檚 what I鈥檓 hoping for! 馃尭

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