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Hi ladies, I'm new to the group and looking for some advice. I am due to have a breast lift and implants in a few weeks. I  breast fed 2 babies and now really have no boobs left at all. I am pretty small framed. 5'5" and 108lbs. My surgeon's advice was that a lift and implants would give the best shape and so on that basis i decided to go with both. I've been looking at some of the posts 're breast lifts and it's making me really nervous. The scarring and recovery time seem a lot worse than I had thought it would be. Does anyone have a similar story/ advice they can share? I'm not sure whether to go ahead with the lift or not but my surgeon did say there would be a chance I would want follow up surgery sooner rather than later due to the skin not looking right around the implant. 

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  • I had an anchor lift and I'm so glad I did!! I'm about 11 months post my revision (15 months post the first op) and my scars are barely noticable.  The biggest "problem" I have is that a small portion of my old sreola is visible under my new areola, but it just looks like a bit of scarring maybe? I'm very glad I did the lift.

    As far as recovery time, I had a tummy tuck at the same time so the breast surgery was not even a blip on my radar lol.

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  • I had an anchor lift also and it was the best decision ever. The lipo in my armpit area hurt more than the lift/implant. I will be 8 wpo tomorrow and everything is going great. I also have seen some of the post about lifts and I was so nervous but mine healed as they should. My PS also gave me a smaller implant than what I wanted so that there wouldn’t be so much weight from the implant on the incisions. Going to go bigger when he gives the ok.


    My recovery was easy breezy. I had my surgery Thursday went back to work Monday. I do have a desk job though. My boyfriend drive me to work Monday and Tuesday after that I was fine. I was also able to put my shirts on and of myself by like day 3 and I also showered myself. For me in the morning was most painful because of the pressure from sleeping. I have a low pain tolerance and in all honesty it wasn’t bad at all. I am 5’7 now 145lbs and went from saggy c/d cup to perky pretty DD. I got 385 left 415 right natrelle HP round silicone.

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  • I had an aug and lift + areola reduction in April this year. I had absolutely no pain, only soreness like a hard workout. My incisions were perfect and healed with no complications. I’ve been using scar salve + a bleaching cream the surgeon prescribed and the scars are healing nicely. I would 100% recommend the lift because it makes your breasts look so beautiful, perky, and youthful. Without it, if you need it, it will look plump but still look sagging. In my opinion, you’re paying a grip of money, best worth having your tits look amazing! Lol! I have 415cc and I’m 5’7” and 150 lbs. You can look on my profile for pics if you want, although I haven’t posted recent ones lately. I am getting an implant exchange done in November to go about 600cc because I want them larger. I am not worried or nervous at all because my recovery was so easy.  (My period pains are worse than the whole recovery was!) Sleep upright for a few weeks and you won’t feel too much pressure against your chest and stay on top of your meds - don’t try to be brave, let the drugs do what they are intended to do and you should be able to be on your feet the next day - with help when needed of course! :) My advice (and my surgeon’s recommendation) is don’t go too large right away with a lift because the incisions will be harder to heal since your skin is taught. You can go larger later if you feel you want to, but either way, the lift and aug will look amazing and you will be glad you did it! Good luck! 

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  • I’m 14 wpo from a partial anchor lift and aug. I was what my PS said was borderline for a lift. Opted for it because I didn’t want the possibility of regretting forgoing the lift. I’m glad I did. I’ve seen so many pictures of women who didn’t get the lift when suggested and you can definitely see afterwards why the lift was suggested. I didn’t feel any pain after day 2. Waiting out recovery with minimal exertion and no exercise was the hardest part. 

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  • Thank you ladies! I met with surgeon again and have decided to go with the BA and BL. Going for 200cc high profile silicon unders so not very big but to me look big on my frame. Happy to have made the decision and now looking forward to the op on the 18th.

  • I don’t think you’ll regret the lift at all. I had a full anchor lift and am 100% satisfied with the results. If you were as unhappy with your before breasts, you won’t mind the scarring at ALL. I certainly don’t. In fact I was so traumatized by sagging (lol I know, dramatic), I did my lift first and waited a year to schedule my augmentation.  My PS knew my main concern was having them as high as possible and having as much loose skin removed as was possible. He told me he’d be happy to do both at the same time but that in 6 months I wouldn’t be happy. He said in order to fit an implant in he wouldn’t be able to remove as much skin and they’d sit just a tad lower. No way I said.  Having two different surgeries is annoying and expensive and requires patience, but for me personally it was well worth it. In fact, I even considered foregoing implants I was so happy with my lift. But I recently decided I wanted a little more cleavage so I’m having small implants put in in 2 months. The recovery for my lift really was a breeze. I had surgery on Friday and worked the following Wednesday (carefully lol). Just my two cents...I think you’re making a good decision and will be super happy. I see FAR more women complain that their breast sagged too much after implants rather than complaining about regretting a lift! I attached my lift before and after! Good Luck! 

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      adrienneb they look amazing!! I am happy I have decided to go with the lift. Hope it turns out as good as yours 😀

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