What about before the surgery!

Is there anything that y’all recommend to do before the big day? What did you wear? Or what did you wish you brought, wore, etc? Is there a list of essential items you took with you, besides your boobies? (Hehe) 

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  • I just wore a lightweight zip hoodie, comfy shorts and sandals. I brought chapstick, my wallet and phone. Before the big day, take some time to do things you enjoy that you wont be able to do for a little while after. Swimming, relaxing bath, go extra hard at the gym, ect. Oh and take lots of pics of the pre op boobies! Theyre good to look back on when youre having a "bad boob day" early on in recovery. When i had/have days that mine look funky i look back at pre op boobies and immediately feel better lol ! 

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  • I agree with the above lol also a pillow and blanket especially if you have a long ride home likeI did. It was 2 hours and a very bumpy road so a pillow between you and the seatbelt helps some.

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  • I wore just a zip up hoodie and sweats with slip on shoes, so it would be easy for my husband to help get those back on. I cleaned the house thoughoughly before hand and made sure to have easy foods on hand incase the antibiotics or pain meds upset my stomach. Have allergy meds on hand because sneezing right after surgery...its rough haha. Otherwise, just have a nice comfy set up were you can adjust to sit up easier. It wasn't as terrible as I was expecting for me, but I am very glad I prepared before hand. 

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  • I’m loving all the tips and tricks. Thank you everyone! πŸ’•

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