Drop and fluff second time around


I got my boobs redone cause I wanted to go bigger and wider to achieve more cleavage. I’m 4’11 and 100lbs I was 270 cc high profile and went to 350cc moderate plus and I feel like they look almost exactly the same just more natural this time. I just got it done August 28th and they already look like they drop and fluffed so do you think they still will drop and fluff and do you think it’s still to early to tell what they’re really gonna look like in the end? I think I’m just thrown off cause I expected them to look terrible in the beginning like they did the first time. First picture is before and second is 9 days post op

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  • Good morning.  You're perfectly normal and I'm glad you asked this question.  Your pectorals muscles are already stretched out and so you do not 'drop and fluff' again in the same dramatic fashion.  Also you've pointed out another truth that 80 cc difference isn't that noticeable.  If you've ever had a Vectra done (standardized photography) you can see the images overlaid upon one another at various hypothetical sizes.  So...350, 270, 200 etc and it's amazing how small the difference seems to be.  On the upside I think you look great.  Best of luck!


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