Third Times The Charm?

Hi all! I will be having my third BA August 5th of this year and let me tell you... I am terrified. My first surgery was December 1, 2017, my second was June 18th, 2018 and now this one. I've had complications, i've been under the muscle, over the muscle, i've had emergency stitches and chunks taken out of my breasts... I am only 25 and just want this time to be the last. I am terrified because now that i've gone through two, why wouldn't this one be any different? However, I have been so unhappy with how I look that I just want it to finally be over and to enjoy the BA i originally had went in for. Just looking to be able to talk with other women about their experiences and any horror stories they've gone through and how it has ended for them. 

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  • I had an augmentation in December and developed thoracic outlet syndrome.  I had them removed in Feb.  Basically I have trapped nerves.  I have numbness and tingling down my one arm.  Pain up my neck.  I’m still in PT and going to see a specialist soon to discuss options.  It’s affected my everyday life and the ability to do simple tasks like lift my kids and fold laundry without being in pain.  It sucks.  


    You do what you need to do.  I fully support that.  But this likely won’t be the last time you’ll need surgery if you’re only 25.  Implants have to be replaced at some point.  So even if this surgery goes perfectly you’ll still  need one down the road.  Whether if it’s for an exchange or removal.  However, don’t get discouraged.  There are a number of women who have had mult surgeries and things eventually turned out great for them.  So it’s entirely possible!    


    I’m also very sorry for the difficult road you’ve been down.  It’s a real downer to go in with this expectation of finally doing something for yourself and getting the short end of the stick.  Being told how rare these complications are.  How you see everyone just sailing thru and you end up suffering from the same procedure.  My heart truly hurts for those who suffered complications.  

     But there is definetly one thing that I’ve learned from all this though; You can’t put a price on your health.  

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    • GreyRabbit thank you for your story! It definitely is hard going through this surgery. I’ve had friends who have gone to different surgeons and come out with perfect BA and then I’m wondering after all the research I did and consultations and preparing, how I’m the one who ends up with all the problems. My first surgery I had bottomed out in my right and my left side had apparently jumped out of the pocket he created which was all his fault in the placement. When I went in to talk to him about it he said “not my problem”. Finally went to my second surgeon and I thought she could get it right that time. Nothing wrong with her at all as a surgeon, again they just have gone to do weird things afterwards like my skin stretching and allowing the implant to move into an odd spot. Plus having a scar from a heat blister after surgery as she told me to pull the scab. This round was better but not the “perfect” she told me she’d do for me. I am not sick which is a godsend but yes I am just terrified of having another one and it going wrong. I don’t mind having another down the road to exchange and all that since it is a longer period of time in between. This is just the prime in my young adulthood :/ just sucks to go through it. I’m so sorry that you have had complications such as yours. Losing any feeling in any part of your body is scary and painful. I hope you one day regain feeling 💕

  • I feel your pain! I have had two surgeries and am planning my third due to capsules each time. It’s an emotional and physical rollercoaster! I hope every thing turns out after this surgery for you, it is so defeating not being happy with the way your implants look. I am choosing to do a third surgery and if this doesn’t work ultimately remove, but if I end up having them removed I just paid a ridiculous amount of money to have hard boobs for a year and half 😐

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    • Taylorpers I am so sorry! That is the one fear I always get from my past two surgeries. Is there anything that you are able to do or is it mostly just a “by chance” it happens? The emotional side of surgery is not the best and even though my surgeon is fixing what she did because she knows what I went through before. I am so happy that maybe I’ll have the breast I wanted in the first place but I am now just so anxious and scared something else will happen. I think if this one doesn’t end up “perfect” but better I’ll stick with them until I need to exchange later down the road. Taking them out would just be killer as well. I hope yours doesn’t have to end up removed and you find this third surgery to be the best one yet. Third times the charm right? :) 💕

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