Double Bubble vs Bottoming Out


I asked my PS to explain the difference between a double bubble and bottoming out on his daily YouTube Vlog. For those of you wondering if you have either... take a look at his video.

Dr. Youn's YouTube Channel:

Dr. Anthony Youn:

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  • This is super helpful!! Thank you so much for posting! I鈥檓 pretty irritated bc I just saw my plastic surgeon last week and he said my breast was just different than the other but it didn鈥檛 bottom out... where as based on this diagram and what the dr is saying I did bottom out. I need to find another surgeon.

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      CraveTheCurve I'm so glad you found some helpful information in this video!

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  • Thank you!!! I started getting a double bubble because my old crease started returning. However my PS said it will take about 3 months for the old crease to go away so I鈥檓 patiently waiting rn. This is so helpful, thanks for sharing! 

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  • I am 1 year post opt and still have double bubble on the right side. My surgeon want to do a revision surgery. I am getting married in a few months and plan for a baby right after. Is it safe to wait until after having a baby to get it corrected? She used the term bottoming out at one point too but there is clearly a difference between the two so now I鈥檓 confused on which one I have. It鈥檚 been a long year with this breast and lots of visits. Anywho thank you the video! I just want to make sure I鈥檓 ok to wait another year or so after having a baby to get it fixed. 

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