Biggest thing you wished you knew before surgery?

Hi! I am new. I have lost almost 200lbs and now my breasts are deflated so I will be getting implants and maybe a lift. My question is two-fold...if you have had surgery, what do you wish you knew before surgery that you learned after having surgery and if you had multiple procedures, what did you have and would you do it again all together?

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    • Mild tuberous. 34AAAAA haha. 37 years old. 169cm tall (I guess that's 5'6), 68 kg. Natrelle 560cc. Boob birth 3rd July 2019
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    BA. I wish I had known taking 12 days off work was not enough. 

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  • I wish I had been prepared for the feeling of tightness, NOT painful but just such an uncomfortable feeling. (I’ve not had kids so idk what the engorged feel is but I hear it’s similar).

    I only took prescription pain pills twice (1 pill the first two nights) just to try and get some sleep. Everyone is different but I had NO pain at all. 

    And lastly they are not joking when they say to loosen lids, have lots of pillows and have someone help you bc doors are hard to open and so is sitting up on your own if your even slightly reclined.

    all-in-all it was 95% better than I had imagined it to be. I’m a  hair stylist and I took surgery day and 4 FULL days off work then I went back 5 shorter days then back to full time. I was slower and tired but no complications. (I think all the arm movements helped with my dropping time too) ;)

    I’d do it all over again, I have NO complaints 

    Best Wishes!!!! ❤️

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