Left breast pain normal?

It’s been over a year since I had my surgery. A few months after my surgery I starting having sharp pain in my left breast if I move my arm a certain way. For instance if I’m laying flat on my back and move my left arm across my body I get a sharp pain almost like my implant moves. Is this normal? I have the implants under my muscle. 

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  • Pain after surgery is normal but it's not common to have pain this far out.  Does it feel like nerve pain?  Electric shocks?  Or more like a muscle twitch or spasm?

    Either way there's likely nothing wrong with the implant per say, if it looks and feels good, but either a nerve trapped in scar (neuroma) or if spasming maybe we could try some desensitization exercises to work through that--PT etc.

    Good luck! 


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    • Dr. Michelle Roughton it’s more like a spasm it’s only if I move a certain wait it almost feels like something β€œgets stuck” along with a sharp deep pain. If I lay flat on my back and move my implant inward the pains happens. 

  • Jessica lynn You've stumped me.  ;)

    May want to try physical therapy if this is bothersome to you.  They're amazing at helping in ways I cannot.  (I've been a patient!)

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