How to determine cc or not

How do I know for sure if I have capsular contracture? Could it be something else like a tight muscle at 6 months post op that never dropped? The surgeon I’m seeing now for for a second opinion, whom I’ve seen 3 times, had never actually touched my breasts, any of those times. He’s just looked at them and taken measurements. He also said if I have capsular contracture  he will just remove the capsule. Is there a definitive way to diagnose it?

He also said it can be caused by technique, but that seems irrelevant to me if I have it and he’s saying his technique is better so I won’t get it again? 


If I have it I don’t want to go through another implantation just to get it again, which I’ve read it’s a higher chance of getting it again if you’ve had it before. I know there’s things like singular, dermal matrix etc, but I just don’t want to go down that road. The extra expenses and surgeries wouldn’t be worth it to me. 

Please advise/ help. Thank you!

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  • 6 months post op that didn't drop to me smells like inadequate muscle release.  I've done that.  It happens.  Capsular contracture is usually, implant was in a good position and then slowly over time, migrates to a higher position and is more tender. I try and use singulair with every implant exchange as I think the second surgery alone makes you at some increased risk of cap con.


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