18 days post op


Hi ladies! Should I expect more of a “drop&fluff” or do you girls think this will be it?? 

- Was a 34/b (small b) Height 5’2 - Weight 145 lbs

- Silicone Mentor 430cc’s UHP

- Under the muscle 

- Also what size will you girls think I’ll be at?? I tried on a sports bra from VS & it’s a 34DDD but my boobs don’t look that big at all 🙄 I actually think I should’ve gone bigger.. 

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  • At 18 days you are looking good, but you still have a lot more "drop &fluff" to go.

    The muscle needs to heal and relax, it will take a few months.


    Sadly you just have to be patient

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    • Michelle kiwi Thank gosh!! I really do want them to drop more but when I went to see my surgeon he said I can stop wearing the band to push them down, that they looked fine & would of course still drop down a bit more on their own.. 

  • Hi I am 18 days post OP .too.

    I was a small B  very small B maybe A . I weight about 125.

    I went with silicone unders 485 cc.

    I don't know what size I am . I  have not even tried on a bra other then the tight after surgery bras. I feel the same way that I should have went bigger. My husband thinks I am crazy .

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    • Flgirl84 How are you liking them so far? Are they dropping nicely? Lol yes everyone says I’m crazy & they look fine like that, I guess I’m just having boob greed 😩 

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  • Oh yes you have a lot of d/f to do! They look great; hope you’re thrilled!

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    • Jennifer Renee I’m super thrilled!! Thank you, I was terrified that they would stay like this lol, they don’t look bad but I do want a bit more of a natural look.. 

    • Ohh. londraa your nipple should be somewhat centered over you’re breast, so you can see how much more the bottom will fill out when the implant slips deeper in the pocket, giving you a more natural slope in the upper pole. 

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