Looking for before and afters (or just afters) with 400-450 ccs

Hey ladies! I just had my consultation today and while I had originally thought I wanted 300’s I think I’m going to go between 400-450. The doctor also thought that would give my body a nice hour glass shape. I’m 5’ 7 and 128 pounds. He wants to do high profile silicone gel unders (totally cool with that).

Can anyone show me some pictures that have implants close to the size I’m getting?

Thank you so much!!

Heres a picture of me trying them on! So excited!

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  • You have a beautiful lean figure already. I’m afraid that going with 400 450’s will make you seem heavier than you are and disproportionately top heavy. I am 5’9”, 130lbs and went with 300’s. I look busty but fit well in all my yoga tops without looking vulgar. I'm just afraid that if you go too big you won't have the choice to play them up or down. I don't want you to lose part of your long torso to too large breast that will throw off your symmetry.

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  • I got 400cc HP and I love them. Big boobs but not huge and they fit my frame, I'm only 5ft 5.

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  • Hey! I’m your height but 138lbs. I went with 440 hp unders and I  don’t think they look ridiculously huge lol. Here are some pictures. Hope it helps! Best of luck!! 

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  • I’m 5’1” and have 485cc teardrop unders. Before and after in the same bra 

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  • I’m 5’ 8” and 120 lbs and I ended up going with 450ccs.

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  • I’m 5’9 135 lbs. I just had a revision last Friday. I had 345 hp silicone implants and they were way too small for my liking. As my PS said, you should have to wear a padded bra with implants! I went up to 485 ccs HP soft touch cohesive implants. You want to make sure that you get them large enough to fit your chest wall so they don’t have the fake look of being too far apart.. In the end, I would go with a size larger than what you are wanting. Boob greed is real!!!! You will have wished you had gone bigger! Trust me! 

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    • Alyson what sports bra is that? Do you like it? I got mine from Amazon but I feel like mine squishes my boobs down. Yours seems to let your girls “breathe” lol. 

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  • I’d recommend asking your PS to take home the sizes you are considering for a few days and spend some time trying on different clothes to see what they will be like. I did this and it was really helpful to see what I would look like in my favorite clothes. It’s hard to make the right choice when you are in the office with one shirt and limited time.

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  • I have 415 cc. Im 5’7” and 150 lbs. 

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  • I’m 5’6 120 and got 420cc mod unders last week. I love the size already and know it will only get better. 

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  • 5’3 ish 135# ish. Started with a deflated B. Got 415cc overs mod+ profile. Very happy with my results!

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