Hi everyone!

Hi my names Hayley and Im from Ireland. I'm going for a consultation next week for breast augmentation in Belfast and I'm so excited and nervous.

Im not even an A cup, the only bras that fit me are the kids training bras. I couldn't even get my 5 month old son to latch onto my breast when he was first born because of how flat my chest is and ended up having to formula feed him.

My fiance is super supportive of it (lol of course he is, he's a dude) and knows how much insecurity it causes me. He's tired of having to whisper to me when we are in public to sit up straight or fix myself because you can see straight down my shirts and see my nipples because all my tops and bras gape open. 

I'm hoping to hear everyone's stories and talk to girls in similar situations during this process so we can offer support to one another! If anyone wants to say hello and chime in with their situation feel free to :) 

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  • Welcome to the group!  My stats are similar. I’m 5’2 106lbs but I’ve been a B cup before. I only breastfed my daughter 2 months (she had some medical issues) but this past year I changed my diet and along with workouts I dropped some weight and really lowered my body fat % so it left me with a very deflated A cup. I just had a lift and BA Thursday. Got 375cc HP round silicone and so far I love them!  Wish I had done it sooner!

  • Hi! I just had my BA this past Friday and I feel great. I got 520cc Natrelle Inspira SRF Implants. I don’t have kids, but I literally had no upper pole fullness in my breast and at the same time had a lot of breast tissue at the bottom so I got implants to fill the girls out. Only regret is I wish I had gotten them sooner! 

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  • Welcome! Glad you're here. I'm excited to see how crazy life changing this is going to be for you! and I just want to say, my husband and I went to Ireland about 7 years ago and it's now our favorite place in the world πŸ˜Š

  • How did surgery go?  I am of Irish descent too.  Have my consult this week.

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