4.5 weeks post op. Uneven breasts?


Hi guys, so it has been about 4.5 weeks post op. I know im still in the early stages until they finally settle, but I was wondering if this is normal. One side is rounder and bigger than the other. And the other side seems longer and not as round if that makes any sense.

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  • You correct in that you are still in the early stage.  It's very normal for them to drop at different times.  I had one that fought a valiant fight to "look like Snoopy" for the longest time but finally dropped into place around 4-5mpo! They looked lopsided and of course I was worried they would stay that way.  Hang in there, yours look great and will settle into place eventually.  I was so hung up on the after pics of people that had theirs fall right into place the next week that waiting for mine seemed to take forever!

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    • Kay Star thank you so much for replying! I've been looking at the left non stop thinking something is wrong. Patience is definitely hard during recovery lol.

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      • SylFit619
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      Kay Star Right. When they tell you everyone is different. That is certainly true

  • I鈥檓 8 weeks post op and my left boob still hasn鈥檛 dropped. My right boob looks great. I started wearing a breast band yesterday... hopefully that will speed up the process 

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  • Wow are these really 400 cc麓s? They look like 700 cc麓s...they麓re so beautiful

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    • Bjjourney2020 I wish they were that big haha but yes they are 400cc. I wish I had gotten bigger but I鈥檓 petite so it is as big as the surgeon said he could fit. 

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    • newboobs101 Yeah they look exactly how i want them too...round and high. Are they under the muscle UHP or just HP?

    • Bjjourney2020 UHP!

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