six weeks post op - what is this ? 🥵

hi guys, 

i’m just going to preface this by saying i’m pretty anxious person ! 😅

I’m almost six weeks post op, and was changing my micropore tape tonight - everything is going beautifully, but I have this weird little dot above my suture line ? it appears to be a tiny open wound, about the size of a pin head... there’s no discharge, redness or anything sinister, but it’s freaked me out!

It was there yesterday as well, and looks exactly the same as last night.. any ideas ? I’ve cleaned it with sterile gauze and antiseptic and have re-covered it.. Seeing my surgeon for post-op follow up soon, and will call and bring my appointment forward. 

Hoping someone has had similar! 

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  • The small red one? It looks to me to be a cherry angioma-I have several. They are harmless :) you may want to ask your doctor for a for a sure answer but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. Your scar is so small and looks great for 6 weeks! 

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