Post OP Boobie Butter?

I had my surgery yesterday (8/1/19)! Everything went smoothly - just some chest tightness and a tiny bruise that seemed to go away overnight!  Before and after pics were both taken yesterday! About 1 hour pre-op and 5-6 hours post op. I was instructed no bra for 30 days! 


When should I start using the Boobie butter again? I was using it 1 week before surgery as suggested. Just couldn’t find anything on when to start post op! I want to avoid stretch marks because I get them so easily. πŸ˜•

I am also very bloated. Does anyone else use a greens powder regularly? Any idea when we can start taking that again to help with bloating? I forgot to ask my PS. 

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  • Lovely! What are your stats now?

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  • I started the boobie butter a few days post op, once i felt comfortable enough to touch the new girls lol. Im 2 weeks postop and only put it on the tops and sides , im nervous to get it close to my incisions. As far as then bloating, it should do down after about a week. Once youre back to pooping on the regular and off the pain meds. 

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    • Katelyn are you still doing okay? 

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      • Katelyn
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      Ketomeskinny29 hey! Yes, i started feeling sooo much better a few days ago. I still get sore if i do too much and its frustrating that i cant do that much lol. Plus i dont have to wear the dreaded devil band anymore!  I had another post op last week and my PS said no treadmill until 3 weeks, can start legs at 4 weeks. How are you ???? 

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  • That looks amazing!! I'm 5'2 120lbs also.. Not sure on what size I want to have.. But thinking in the 300's do NOT want big boobs

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