Transaxillary vs under crease ?

I'm in the research stage for breast aug and am looking at a small (250cc) silicone implant - narrowing it down between two doctors. One has registered the No Scar on the Breast technique using an endoscope to place the implant through the armpit. His website verbage is very pro-transaxillary saying that it is an "easier" recovery due to the pectoralis being lifted instead of torn, lower infection risk (uses keller funnel and avoiding breast tissue), and the use of the endoscope camera gives the precise pocket location - making his approach sound like it is lower trauma to the tissues. I'm curious if this is true or all marketing. The other doc prefers the more standard under the crease for implant. Any thoughts ? I'm worried about post surgical pain and wondering if one approach really is less traumatic to the tissues.

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  • Hi there!  It is so hard to sort through marketing vs data, even for me!  I literally just reviewed the literature on capsular contracture to make sure what I said was truth.  The data we have tells us the lowest rate of capsular contracture is with the inframammary or crease incision.  He may find he has a lower rate in his practice but that is NOT supported by literature.

    I sincerely doubt the recovery is any different.  If you don't divide some of the pectoralis muscle fibers the implants ride high forever.  

    Best of luck, I am sure both will give you great results but don't believe all the hype!  :). Choose the one you're most comfortable with.


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      Dr. Michelle Roughton Dr. Michelle Roughton thank you for the feedback !

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    My PS also told me what the Doctor above said about having higher risk of capsular contracture going through the armpit. Capsular Contracture is usually caused when bacteria is introduced into your breasts and there are more traces of bacteria in the armpit than in the crease... The same with going through the areolas. With that information I chose to go with the crease incision.

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