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Dr. Michelle Roughton

hello! I talked briefly on the phone with my surgeon yesterday  about wanting a size Exchange  and he mentioned that I would probably have to wait at least a few months to heal  before being able to do another surgery .  I could tell he was very busy so I didn't want to keep him on the phone with non urgent questions  and I don't have another appointment with him for about a month so I was wondering what you think about that time frame.  Do you think it is possible to have another surgery in just 3 months or am I looking more at 4 to 6 ?  I'm healing very well with no issues so I'm hoping I can get this moving again as soon as possible.

also I don't know if you've experienced too much of this but he mentioned possibly being able to put in a claim for a medical leave at my work under "breast reconstruction" to get a couple weeks off. Do you know if that typically gets approved or denied? The company my work goes through is Sedgwick. Thank you! 

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  • I'm not a doctor but the 6 month rule of thumb is probably to enable our bodies to heal sufficiently and to give us a chance to love /hate our new boobs before we decide on more surgery. Are you exchanging for a larger size? 

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    • Bianca and Brianna yes. i thought they might be okay the day of/after surgery but once the swelling started going down, of course they started getting smaller by the day. My surgeon did a wonderful job but at the time before,  I had it in my mind  I wanted to be a ittle conservative but now i realize, I could still look great and have gone much bigger.  For $7000 I want some BOOBS lol

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  • SamanthaMarie My PS had me wait 3 months to make a decision and at that appointment I scheduled my exchange!

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    • Megan thank you! That makes me feel hopeful. I think he said he'll make sure he's there for my one month photo visit to at least discuss it. Then im assuming my 3 month photo appointment will also be a second consult. Hopefully we can take it from there. Im just hoping he's right about me possibly getting approved for a leave from work. I used all my vacation time and took off 3 weeks and my job is NOT happy about it. So I doubt there's any chance i can di have again unless the third party company approves me. 

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  • Good news!.  Recovering from an implant exchange is a cake walk compared to the initial augmentation. You already have a pocket.  If you can wait a little longer the pocket will be more 'set up.'  I would not try and call it breast reconstruction though, set up for fraud IMHO.  I have done tons of reconstruction in my career and we usually wait 3 months between our stages.  There's a pocket at that point and women do really well.  No real benefit to 6 if you're absolutely sure you want to be larger.  Good luck, a lot to consider sounds like.  


    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
    (Bustmob members get a $500 travel voucher πŸ™‚)

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    • Dr. Michelle Roughton thank you so so much for your reply! You truly are a blessing to all of us here lol

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