Clubbing 1 Week Post-Op?

Hey, everyone! I am having my BA on Aug. 22, and besides unbelievable nerves because I’ve never had a major procedure before, I had a gnawing question. My brother-in-law is turning 21 about 1 week after my procedure. Is it unheard of to be out at that point in recovery? 

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  • Congrats on your upcoming BA! Honestly for me, I couldn’t imagine being out in the club and possibly having someone bump or elbow my titty... I’d be wanting to swing on em’ but not be able to because I couldn’t even put my arms up like to put my hair in a ponytail at 1 week hardly.  I went under the muscle though.   I know everyone has different pain tolerance levels too though.  If it’s more of an “upscale” club and there’s bottle service/tables/couches where you can’t relax that would definitely be doable.  Like I said I’d just be so afraid of that ONE person who’s always in the club invading someone’s space 😂

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      • Athena
      • Athena
      • 8 days ago
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      Good point! I hate getting bumped anyway, so I’ll probably just err on the side of caution and stay home.

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      • Susan
      • Mild tuberous. 34AAAAA haha. 37 years old. 169cm tall (I guess that's 5'6), 68 kg. Natrelle 560cc. Boob birth 3rd July 2019
      • Susa
      • 7 days ago
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      LetsGoBoobies I agree 100%

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  • Hello, I agree with the others and would recommend you heal and prevent any strenuous activities for now. 

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  • At 1 week post op I personally was not able to go out to a bar. I was feeling tired and my chest was tight. I would feel great in bed but that’s it. I also had large implants under the muscle. 

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  • I agree with the others. At 1 week post op I got tired just going to target. @letsgoboobies brought up a great (and hilarious) point...what if someone bumped into your new boobies??? Ouch! 

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  • I wouldn’t.  Drunk people and elbows don’t usually mix.  Plus I wouldn’t drink 1 week post op.  😬

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