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What is your opinion on Meso Biomatrix used during a first time breast augmentation? I'll be getting ideal implants/overs, 415 CC's

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  • Well in all honesty, I had never heard of it before.  I just did a quick google search and I'm curious as to the motivation of your surgeon.  I can think of pros and cons.  It is a pig derived acellular product.  It seems like it would be similar to Strattice (also pig derived) and I've used that and it's human cousin Alloderm (again, ick, I know!) in reconstruction quite a bit. there, there is no breast and we believe (although I must confess the data isn't great) that it helps to decrease capsular contracture risk.  If that's the motivation of your surgeon, I could see it, since overs have a higher risk of cap con from the start.  That said, the downsides to me are, 1. expense, 2. infectious risk, 3. clear indication. Definitely worth more questions I think.  You're right to ask.


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    • Dr. Michelle Roughton 

      The main reasons he gave was to prevent displacement and capsular contraction. I've been looking over some studies but the majority are regarding it's use with hernias (can't really compare) and reconstruction surgeries. I like the idea of added support but I do worry about the possible risk of infection and how long it will actually last.  

      The idea he proposed was to basically wrap both implants in the mesh to prevent vertical and lateral displacement.

      It's hard to find many surgeons that have used mesh and most either love it or are completely against it. 

  • Dr. Michelle Roughton I just got a reply back from him. I asked because he can articulate his thought process much better than I could lol

    (PS Response)

    Our purpose is to support the implant and prevent it from creating a stretch deformity with the loose skin (the implant will want to settle down into the lower pole skin).  It is also to attempt to maintain an elevated implant position on the chest, versus letting gravity pull the implant out of position.  And finally, we want it to stimulate more fibroblast and collagen deposition into your native capsule.  


    He went into a LOT more detail in his response but the highlights were:

    - Mesh can (possibly) reduce the severity of capsular contraction but it's not his main reasoning

    - When the implant is above the muscle, you do not have as much dynamic force on the implant (I mentioned others with mesh that dissolved completely)


    He also sent another email last night in response to my concerns about infection. He went into great (terrifying) detail explaining the risks. 

    I have faith in him and I've been impressed with his knowledge so far. I just want to make the best decision for my body given all the facts and as much input from other plastic surgeons as I can get

  • I think you have hit the nail on the head, "you have faith in him and trust his knowledge." I think you'll have a great result!

  • Dr. Michelle Roughton What are your thoughts on the pro/cons considering his reasoning for recommending the mesh?

    • Ideal Goals I'm not sold.  I haven't seen data for this...but I'm not totally opposed either.  As a patient, my next question would be: what's the upcharge ?  And is this being done as a study? If so, there should be zero upcharge and you should be made aware your data is being collected. But I live in the gray, because if no one tried anything new, no progress would be made.  

    • Dr. Michelle Roughton The extra charge is $3K with Biomatrix. It would be more but the company is willing to give him a larger amount since they're trying to get it used at more locations. The Strattice would be about $9-12K.


      No study is being conducted, that would be great though considering the money I could save.

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